Build Classes

BUILD is a unique 30-minute workout designed to reshape your body and strengthen your core. You’ll perform a series of strength training exercises, for a set number of reps or work against the clock with timed intervals.

This intense and exciting workout will allow you to BUILD and maintain lean muscle, whilst boosting fat loss. Attentive coaching from instructors is provided to help teach you the right techniques. This will ensure you get the best out of your BUILD workout and develop confidence within the exercises.

If your goal is to be lean, strong and POWERful, this is THE class for you.

The Science Behind Build


In our build classes,
you will burn up to 400 Calories and continue to burn more after.


Twice as many calories are burned from a pound of lean muscle, compared to a pound of fat.



10 weeks of resistence training can increase calories burnt by 7% and reduce 4lbs of fat.

Muscle is a metabolic tissue, this means the more you have of it, the more calories are naturally burned on a daily basis. A pound of fat burns 3-4 calories an hour, however a pound of lean muscle burns 7-8 calories an hour, doubling the amount of calories burned......EVERY HOUR! POWERful stuff.

Looking for something a bit different? Have a look at our Blast and Burn classes now to find your Power, or book onto a Build class today. Any enquiries get in touch.

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