Burn Classes

BURN is a 30-minute bespoke, exciting and intense workout where the challenge is to BURN as many calories as you possibly can. Sweat It out in this full body workout, using a variety of resistance equipment and minimal recovery intervals. We will always bring a new twist to each class from fun, energetic circuits to fire burning finishers.

Learn to love the BURN!

The Science Behind Burn


In our Burn classes,
you will burn up to

600 Calories and

continue to burn

more after.


Increases metabolic rate from 10-25% for up to 48 hours after Burn class.



Performing H.I.R.T 

three times a week can help you to lose 4.5lbs of fat in 12 weeks.

These workouts are classed as metabolic conditioning. They increase the body’s efficiency at burning fat during and after exercise by using the body’s anaerobic energy system. Whilst boosting your metabolism you’re also working your fast twitch muscle fibres. This helps to create an athletic figure by performing intense, resistance based exercises. Examples of this may be sprints on the bike, explosive squat jumps or speed drummers on the battlerope.

Looking for something a bit different? Have a look at our Build and Blast classes now to find your Power, or book onto a Burn class today. Any enquiries get in touch.

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