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Powerful Classes

Our bespoke classes “BURN, BUILD, BOX & BUNS” are energetic, immersive, and exciting. They have been scientifically designed from the best training styles and techniques to produce fast, achievable results.

For us the little details matter; lighting, music and motivating instructors all make our classes an enjoyable fitness experience.

We limit our class size to 5, meaning there’s more one to one attention from our instructors. This creates a personal workout environment, where extra help and support can be provided if needed. 

All our classes are 40 minutes, excluding our 7am classes, which will be a 30 minute express class.

Limited availability, book now to avoid disappointment!


Our Classes


Sweat it out in this intense

workout, using a variety of

resistance equipment, full body exercises and minimal recovery intervals.


'BOX combines elements of boxing with conditioning training, to teach and sharpen boxing skills and improve overall conditioning.


Participants will get their fix of hitting the pads, improving speed & stamina whilst elevating their heart rate and achieving a high calorie burn.


Classes are ideal for those wanting to introduce boxing into their fitness programme and improve their cardio levels'


Performing a series of strength training exercises, this intense and exciting workout will allow you to BUILD and maintain lean muscle, whilst boosting fat loss.


It’s time to get specific with glutes! Buns focuses on proper technique controlled movements, and time under tension to build and shape your glutes.


Build lower body lean muscle and add functional strength with this barbell and resistance band led workout. Activate and engage your lower body muscle groups and core.


Get ready to feel them Buns on FIRE!


Per Class


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Power Pack 4

Power Pack 8

4 Sessions
1 Month Expiration 

8 Sessions
1 Month Expiration 


Power Pack 12

12 Sessions
1 Month Expiration 


Power Pack 16

16 Sessions
1 Month Expiration 

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Book up to 28 days in advance.

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Small group training.

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