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Here at POWER we pride ourselves on having the highest quality industry professionals, specially selected for their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

Our expert training and advice consistently runs throughout all of our team, whilst bringing their own unique personality to make your experience enjoyable and rewarding. All of our trainers have a real passion for helping you achieve your goals and we believe our dedication is unmatched.

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Callum White

Callum’s dedication and passion is infectious. His no nonsense attitude and kind-hearted personality brings out the best in all of his clients, making him one of Yorkshires most in demand trainers.


Armed with many years of experience in the fitness industry, he has come to understand the importance of building trusting and cooperative relationships with clients, in order to create their own unique route to success.


Coaching a wide variety of clients from high performance athletes to busy parents, he produces the best results in each session by delivering the appropriate level of difficulty to put an individual at the edge of their comfort zone.

Specialising in fat loss and body transformations, his attention to detail and desire to help his clients achieve their goals is reflected in his consistency in producing outstanding results.

Passionate. Professional. Intuitive.

to Callum -
Life Changing.

I was relatively ‘late to the party’ in terms of the gym and fitness. A tightening waistband and friends who had diabetes and joint problems, prompted me to take the plunge. • A clear goal is really important and commitment to succeed is key to achieving these goals. • Callum gave me the tools, the incentive and more importantly the belief that I could do it. It’s tough sometimes – and fun! I never think he will ask me to do something I’m not capable of – 2 dress sizes AND 2 stones down – the gym has become a pleasure, not a chore and part of my daily routine. I no longer negotiate with myself as to whether I am too tired or can’t be bothered – kit in the car and straight to the gym. Big THANK YOU to Callum – life changing!!

He's been a massive influence on my professional
 football career and long may it continue.

"Been involved and working in football as a player since the age of 8, I’ve always pushed myself and trained to the best of my ability. My best attribute is my fitness and as a central midfielder I need to be at the peak of my fitness at all time. • Having worked with so many fitness coaches and personal trainers through out the years, Callum is the one I always come back to. He knows what he's going to get out of his sessions, he pushes you to your max and makes sure you complete the goals set before the start of each session. His knowledge from rehab to strength and conditioning is far the best I've come across. He will push you that extra mile, not only in the actual session but away from the gym aswell, food itinerary’s to rehab programmes to general health questions on how your feeling day to day. He's been a massive influence on my football career and long may it continue. I always feel great about myself after all his sessions and feel he gets that bit extra what makes a difference on the football pitch."

Hard work, challenging but rewarding and fun at the same time.

I had trained in the gym for years and for most of the time it worked for me but as I got older I was finding it boring and harder to motivate myself. With Callum’s help and advice on exercise, doing exercises correctly and working on my nutrition I started to get my motivation back,  enjoy training again and lose inches. •  My fitness improved along with my strength and most importantly my overall confidence improved too in such a short space of time. Diet is something that I always struggled with but with Callum’s encouragement and support I have managed to stay on track. Callum's sessions are always hard work, challenging but rewarding and fun at the same time.  He is professional and reliable I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a personal trainer to people of any age who want to work hard and don’t mind being pushed!!”


Tom Lamb

Toms energy is exhilarating, his passion and drive for helping others is unique. Expect dedication with a focus on functional fitness. Toms positive approach will push you closer to your goals and teach you a great wealth of knowledge, to help you sustain long lasting results.

With years of experience in the fitness industry, Tom understands that everyone has different needs. He promises to give a specific, bespoke and dynamic plan to kick start your journey and ensure you achieve your targets along the way.

Tom’s straight talking approach will help you strive to be stronger, fitter and leaner. He believes fitness should be enjoyable but challenging, just like life. His sessions are focused on simple yet effective movements that test your body. Believing that, with pain comes great rewards, transformation and achievements!

Energetic. Empowering. Charismatic.

Tom creates workouts based on specific body areas I want to work on

“Tom is an exceptional Personal Trainer. I’ve been with him a year now & I wouldn’t use anyone else. Tom creates workouts based on specific body areas I want to work on. He works me hard but that’s exactly what I want and need in order to get results. He switches things up every workout so I don’t get bored & takes time to explain the science behind what he’s saying. Tom is really professional and always has a smile on his face which makes working with him so easy. I’d highly recommend Tom for anyone wanting to step things up a gear!”

I was immediately impressed by his competence and expertise

“Tom has been my personal trainer for the past two years. I was immediately impressed by his competence and expertise (an amazing breadth of knowledge of the benefits of exercise, nutrition and wellbeing). However, what has endured beyond that is his commitment and enthusiasm. He brings a whole-person approach to training, adapting sessions on the day to suit mood, fitness and everyday circumstances. He strikes the important balance between pushing and patience, which is why I plan to continue working with him long into the future.”

I've never been trained by anyone so motivating and inspiring

“I’ve been personal training with Tom for around 18months now and I’ve never been trained by anyone so motivating and inspiring. His knowledge is second to none when it comes to why each exercise would work for my body and particular needs, including excellent dietary information. I reached my targets a lot quicker than anticipated which was all down to Toms can do attitude. He kept it fun and each session was well thought through and different from the last, as he’d listened when I told him I get bored easily. I can’t thank him enough and anyone wanting a no nonsense trainer in a comfortable environment, he’s your man!”


Kate Clarke

Kate has been with us since we opened and has completed her Level 2 and 3 personal training qualifications, she is also a specialist in Women’s fitness, pre and post natal.
Fitness and nutrition have always been an important aspect in her life and she now wants to help others work towards their own goals and live a healthier, happier life.

Kate is a busy mum of 3 boys and believes in the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during motherhood. It can be hard finding the time and the energy to exercise when you have children but with Kate’s adaptable and flexible programmes, her clients can feel reassured they are getting the best out of their sessions.
She is particularly passionate about pre and post natal fitness, motivating new mums to get back into shape. With her caring and relaxed approach, clients can feel comfortable and inspired.

Kate is married to a professional football player and she recognises the level of commitment and dedication it takes to achieve your goals, this includes both training and diet. Should clients require assistance with diet and recipes ideas, Kate is on hand to give you any advice you may need.

Compassionate. Attentive. Committed.

I have got a lot out of our PT sessions with Kate.
I have got a lot out of our PT sessions with Kate.
She has motivated me by keeping the session fresh.
She has motivated me by keeping the session fresh.
 Through Kate's instruction I have had marked improvements in my fitness levels.
 Through Kate's instruction I have had marked improvements in my fitness levels.

Sophie Cromack

Sophie has always had a love for fitness, and keeping active has always been a priority of hers. She has recently completed her personal training qualifications and is eager to work alongside the Power team to gain further knowledge and skills to progress with her career. 


After going through a weight loss transformation back in 2012 she made the necessary steps in creating a healthier lifestyle for herself whilst ensuring her new eating and exercise habits were sustainable for hitting future fitness goals. 

Sophie’s aim is to make workouts as fun and enjoyable as possible, whilst ensuring they are accessible for all ages and levels of fitness. Not only does she understand the importance of an active lifestyle for physical fitness, but she also understands that regular exercise can have profound benefits on improving your mental health.

Understanding. Driven. Relatable.

Very motivating, knowledgeable, encouraging- makes going to the gym fun

I’ve been going to Power Health and Fitness since June and absolutely love it! Sophie has been my PT and she is great.... very motivating, knowledgable, encouraging and makes going to the gym fun.
Through Sophie’s training, my strength and fitness has already improved. Each session is different and challenging - you can really feel the benefit both physically and mentally every time you go.
I would definitely recommend this gym and Sophie as a PT 

She is great at motivating me and planning our sessions

I have just started training with Sophie, after a long time out of the gym. My confidence was at an all time low. She is great at motivating me and planning our sessions, which massively helps get the best results and is helping me get my body back in shape and my confidence back to how it was. I look forward to all of our sessions. Thank you Sophie

I cannot recommend Sophie highly enough, she is dedicated and professional.

I cannot recommend Sophie highly enough, she is a dedicated professional and  enthusiastic and motivated enough for both of us.  Sophie never lets me off the  hook and  cheerfully pushes me to  lift heavier, cycle faster, row further and hold planks for longer than I ever believed I was capable of. Consequently my fitness has dramatically improved and  her diligent overseeing of my technique means I am injury free 


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