Sports Massage



 Sports massage is usually advertised as something for elite sports people, but it's beneficial to EVERYONE. Our bodies spend frequent time in the same positions which can cause imbalances and strains on certain muscles, making us more prone to 'tightness' and injuries.

A sports massage can be performed pre/post session, to rehabilitate, to reduce pain,  to maintain mobility and give you that feel good factor. 



The Benefits to Sports Massage

  • Relieves aches and pains

  • Prevent injuries

  • Helps improve quality of sleep

  • Reduces stress

  • Improves sporting performance 

  • Aids recovery 

  • Enhances mobility and flexibility 

  • Improves muscle posture and balance 

£ 31

45 min

£ 36

60 min

Sports Massage Packages

4 x 45 Minute Sports Massage  

Save £9 

Save £14

4 x 60 Minute Sports Massage